On June 24th, Brett Wilson is hosting his annual Garden Party. To create buzz around his event he asked people to share pictures and posts of the event by using a specific hashtag – #OMGP. 

Every time the hashtag #OMGP is shared (retweets count), Brett Willson will donate $1 to Enviros. 

With your help, we can earn up to  $10,000.

Feel free to search for the hashtag #OMGP and share any content after 6 pm via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

With your help we can earn money for Enviros, simply RETWEET/SHARE the content you see with the#OMGP  hashtag.

If it helps, simply share the content we post with the hashtag on our Social Media networks:

a) To follow Enviros on Twitter: @EnvirosWSA
b) Become a Fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enviros?ref=hl

Thanks in advance for your help.