Bringing together adventure therapy practitioners from around the world, the International Adventure Therapy Conference (IATC) is a one-of-a-kind gathering; helping to establish best practices in the growing field of wilderness, adventure, and experiential learning for therapeutic programming.

Enviros was fortunate enough to present two sessions at the 7th annual IATC held this year in Denver, Colorado.

Jeff Couillard describing an ongoing research and evaluation project to participants at the International Adventure Therapy Conference.

Beyond Data: Using Outcomes for Positive Clinical Effect and Systematic Program Improvement in a Remote Residential Treatment Setting

In conjunction with Dr. Lee Gillis and Dr. Keith Russell, Jeff Couillard and Lisa Boyer (Program Manager & Supervisor at Base Camp) presented this session.

It focused on creating a system for standardized assessment tools to directly inform clinical decision making and client case planning at the Base Camp program.

A participant stated;

This doesn’t just set the standard for the adventure therapy field. Progress monitoring like what’s happening at Enviros Base Camp is cutting edge in all fields related to working with at-risk youth, from social work to psychology, to mental health and addictions treatment.

Program Supervisor Jeff Wilson describing the innovative use of “short sharp” adventures at Shunda Creek.

Intentional Use Of Mindfulness-Based Experiences Through Adventure

Immediately after the Base Camp session, Jeff Wilson, Will Black and Serena Rose (also in collaboration with Dr’s Gillis and Russell) spoke to an eager crowd regarding the innovative use of adventure therapy and intentional mindfulness training with clients at Enviros Shunda Creek program.

Overall, the trip to Denver was a resounding success for a variety of reasons. The Enviros staff who attended walked away with some great connections in the field, a few new tools for the therapy “toolbox”, and a heightened sense of how important and useful the outcome and evaluation research is, not only for the organization but for the adventure therapy field at large.

To download a copy of the Base Camp presentation, click here.

And click here for the Shunda Creek presentation.

I flew all the way from England for this conference, and the Enviros session alone made it worth the airfare.