Enviros recently had the privilege of presenting on our two addictions treatment programs at the Issues of Substance Conference; a national gathering of addictions professionals, researchers and policy makers.

The conference’s goal is to provide an unparalleled opportunity to share new developments and best practices, and to get practical training related to addictions prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Shunda Creek’s Jeff Wilson (Program Supervisor) and Larissa Travis (Family Therapist) presented a hands-on and engaging poster that highlighted the program’s efforts to create a congruent community of practice around a few of their central tenets;

  • The importance of relationship and therapeutic alliance in the success of clients.
  • “We-All”, the philosophy that everyone, staff, and clients included, is on a journey of growth and development.
  • Mindfulness-based adventure experiences, the understanding that our default dysfunctional response patterns (called dragons at Shunda Creek), are rooted in how are brains are wired through our experiences in life, and that through the intentional use of adventure experiences, clients and staff develop mindfulness of these dragons and are able to practice alternative “ways of being”.

20151118_10244220151117_143142And, Base Camp presented a poster on their ongoing outcome and evaluation project. Highlighting the development of a “routine outcome monitoring” (ROM) system, and how to use client feedback as a tool for creating a positive clinical effect in the week to week sessions with clients. This ROM system was implemented as part of a larger project aimed at evaluating the different components of the treatment program and their effects on the treatment process of clients, research that is sorely lacking in the addiction and mental health sector.