What does it take to persevere? This is a question Base Camp clients and staff have been exploring implicitly and explicitly this summer.

With summer in full force, Base Camp is exploring the outdoor world. What does it have to offer? For some, there is an obvious answer. Beauty. Quiets the mind. Slows our world down. Physical exercise. Self-regulation. For others, some of our clients, are experiencing these ideas for the first time and quite quickly become excited and invested in the next experience.

Learning on the river

However, the question “what can the outdoor world teach us?”, is one that is on the minds of our staff and clients frequently this summer. On a recent river trip, the theme was ‘How can the river teach us about life?’ Clients were asked to create a metaphor that described just that. Some of these clients have never been in a canoe or on the river before, ever. After a few lessons learned through some obstacles on the river, this is what the trip team came up with:

“Life is the like the river, you just need to go with the flow” – client

“When there are obstacles on the river, sometimes you need to lean into them and you get through them faster than if you lean away. If you lean away, there can be worse consequences, you still might get through but it takes longer” – staff

“It’s important to take your time and re-group when you can in the same spots so everyone can be on the same page” – client

The clients and staff have learned that obstacles in life can be hard. If you avoid them, sometimes they are a lot harder to work through. Sometimes they are more unsafe and can affect a lot of people around you. However, if you move into them and deal with them, it can be scary but sometimes you get through in safer conditions and more quickly. Life is about going with the flow and perseverance!


Until next time,

Lisa Boyer on behalf of the clients and staff at Base Camp