It’s Enviros’ 40th Anniversary this year and like most 40th birthdays, it is a time to celebrate! And, like most important dates of celebration, there is time spent reflecting on the past, considering the present and thinking about what’s to come.  I recall my 40th birthday and remember it being not just a huge celebration but also a significant marker in my life. I was pretty proud of my achievements, I felt confident and grateful for my life to date….but….what was next?  How would I live my next 40 or more years?  These were daunting questions because I wanted to do meaningful things that had purpose and that would enhance not only my life but my family, friends and community.  Similarly, Enviros’ 40th year is a significant marker in the work of supporting children, youth, adults and families  who face significant challenges and hardships.

One of the organizational projects that makes this 40th year so special to me, was when a group of Enviros people came together and asked the Enviros community about their “why” regarding the work they do.  Based on Simon Sinek’s work, “Start with Why” (which you can watch at the bottom of this post), a powerful journey began.  This journey highlighted to me the importance of Enviros’ 40th year and, for me, set the stage for celebrating our past, our present and inspiring our future.

The Enviros’ why…

the power of human relationships invites belonging and inspires growth

The Enviros why significantly describes to me the passion for our work and the importance of this work.  Beneath these words, a strong sense of people and their hearts was visible and emotionally powerful!  All focused on making a difference in people’s lives.

This 40th year is a strong reminder of who we are in our purpose and passion and how we contribute meaningfully to others.  I look forward to this 40th year of celebration and I encourage you to discover and live your purpose, your passion and your why!

– Chris Mahoney, CEO