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This week on Turning Point we sit down with Margo Talbot.

Margo is a writer, speaker and climber based in Canmore Alberta. Her twin goals are to visit the remaining wilderness of the planet while sharing her story of healing and redemption.

As a keynote speaker, Margo has given presentations of her adventures in Canada, the United States, and Australia. We’re thrilled that she’ll be speaking at Shifting Perspective 2017!

She is the author of All That Glitters, A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression.

Enjoy, and make sure you check out the show notes for links to interesting and useful resources.

Show Notes:
2:15 Margo’s message to the addiction and mental health field
3:45 What Margo didn’t find helpful in her journey
4:35 Margo’s turning points
5:45 What drug addiction is really about (hint: it’s not about getting high)
6:30 Meeting Karen McNeil, Margo’s climbing partner and best friend
7:00 What Karen, Elaine and ice climbing have in common
9:45 Margo’s deep beliefs about addiction and mental health
12:00 Margo’s “gestalt” approach to healing modalities
13:00 All That Glitters, Margo’s book on her healing journey
16:30 Margo’s advice to young professionals
18:20 How Margo cultivates presence in her own life
21:00 Holding space for your clients
23:15 We learn through our bodies
25:00 You’re helping people whether they stay off drugs or not
27:00 The hundredth monkey
28:50 The #1 thing Margo would change about the system
31:20 Drug addiction saved her life
32:45 Myths and misconceptions about mental health
36:30 Canaries in the coal mine
39:00 Planting seeds in the system
41:00 Margo’s favourite books and resources
43:30 Self belief as the fast track to healing

And if you want to hear more about Margo’s journey, make sure you check out her TEDx talk below.