What: Base Camp’s Annual Christmas Tree Event. Cut a Tree. Choose your price. Build a lasting memory with family. Make a difference for vulnerable families this holiday season. All proceeds go towards the #becauseyoucare holiday campaign. A family will benefit immediately over the holidays during the campaign.
When: Unfortunately, due to the cold weather we are canceling the event on Saturday. Stay warm. 
Where: Camp Adventure, located ~30 minutes West and South of Calgary City limits
Great question!
Supplies: Please bring a hand saw (we will have a few to lend out) and you will need a sled to carry your tree back (we will also have a few to lend out). Twine to tie your awesome tree to your vehicle!
Prepare for a solid hike into where you will find your dream tree. Estimate a 10-15 minute walk on unknown snowy conditions (we won’t know until the day of so we recommend snowshoes just in case but we will pack down a trail as much as possible) into where you will find your tree and additional 10-15 minute walk back.
We recommend a donation of 25$, however, please donate what you can! We will be providing the permits
Additional fun!: (all located indoors with a cozy wood burning stove to keep us warm)
Additional family friendly activities to enjoy
Free Chili, buns and snacks
And, a variety of free hot drinks to enjoy
**Important details**
Maximum trees available = 20 (maximum 20 families). Don’t miss out. Contact Lisa Arsenault at  larsenault@enviros.org immediately to register. Upon registration, you will receive directions to the venue. If you weren’t able to register in time for 1 0f 20 trees, please join us for a fun day outside/inside anyway! You will need to email Lisa as well to ensure we provide enough food!
We will be collecting your contact information in the event of an emergency or severe weather changes. Please stay connected until the morning of the event.
There is no cell reception! Review directions, contact Lisa for any questions. Once you enter the gate to the facility, you will see signs directing you to our specific location.
Dress for the weather! Looks like a cold snap throughout the week with some chance of warming up by Saturday. Winter boots, winter jackets, mitts toques are a must!!
You should look forward to fun, beautiful day connecting with outdoors and with great people J
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