Who YOU Will Help

With YOUR support, we can change the present for people who use Enviros’ services.

Our aim is to target the vulnerable group of people who are often neglected at this time of year and the Enviros programs who need the most support. Therefore, our plan is to support at-risk-youth and families.


YOU will help Enviros assist with transitions of at-risk youth who have the potential for independence and success in areas such as education, employment and life-long significant relationships. Our YOUTH TRANSITIONS TO ADULTHOOD (YTA)  program acts as a transitional, life skill development program for youth (aged 15.5 to 24 yrs.) who have had long-term involvement with Children and Family Services.

YOU will help vulnerable families and at-risk youth have a voice and develop a team of people they feel can support their goals and growth. Our HIGH FIDELITY WRAPAROUND program uses a strength-based, integrated approach to working with families and youth.

YOU will help at-risk youth make a successful transition back into the community. This Open Custody treatment program, EXCEL DISCOVERY was developed to meet the needs of adolescent young offenders (12 – 18 yrs).

YOU Can Make An Impact:

Your generosity helps Enviros to make a difference in the lives of the at-risk youth and vulnerable families who use our services.


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