Enviros has been greatly privileged by the amazing people who’ve come through the doors…staff, students and families alike. As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we look to honor those who’ve been a part of the agency and the stories of their time here.

Here is a former staff member’s story. Summer of 1982, a Turning Point

My boss was a great boss and my colleagues were many.

In those days there was only one thing Enviros did – took kids up to Base Camp and then out on trips from there. No, I’m wrong, they also did a few big trips paddling on the west coast, but I wasn’t involved in that.

At the time there were only a few buildings. In between trips, one of my jobs was to work with a small crew to build some of the buildings.

One story I remember was about the kayak and canoe training on the lake. We had to complete an Eskimo roll and a canoe-over-canoe rescue to complete the training. When we did the training—in the early spring—the water was so cold. We spent hours in front of the fire afterward. I thought I was going to die from the cold water. I’ve never felt water that cold since.

That summer I met some wonderful people (kids and staff), learned a lot about myself and improved my outdoor skills immensely.

This job lead to a job with the Calgary Association for Self-Help, and then to a job at Wood’s Adolescent Care Homes. Now, I have my own company, I provide corporate leadership training.

Working for Enviros was one of many memorable stepping stones of my career.

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