Enviros has been greatly privileged by the amazing people who’ve come through the doors…staff, students and families alike. As a part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we look to honor those who’ve been a part of the agency and the stories of their time here.

This is Silvia’s Turning Point

At the time of my first Enviros retreat, I was working at one of Enviros’ city-based programs.

I was in awe of all the cool wilderness folks, their hip bandanas, and even hipper swagger! They were the “cool kids”.

When I arrived at the retreat location at the Easter Seals camp, I parked my vehicle and walked over to the site. Where I saw these guys on a roof with ropes and other gear.

One of the guys had paint on his face and he was wearing Spock ears! He was wearing cowboy boots and jeans. Needless to say, it was love at first sight on my end.

But, he hadn’t even noticed me! However, with the help of the Executive Director at the time, I managed to make myself known to Doug.

But wait, it wasn’t that easy …

Doug headed to Baja to guide some kayak trips with a few of his friends who also worked at Enviros. They were to be gone for 6 weeks. However, because of vehicle difficulty they ended up being gone for 3 months.

I begged Enviros not to fire them, as they were all skilled wilderness and counseling staff. Of course, the Executive Director knew very well that I also wanted the opportunity to have this guy understand that I was his perfect mate.

They finally returned and went back to work.

Doug and I became a couple.

We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and I love him more every day.

Enviros brought us together; it gave us an opportunity to meet. We shared the same values and principles as the organization and all the other like-minded people. Some of the folks that worked there continue to be among our very best friends.

We are so thankful for all the richness Enviros has brought us; love, friendship, new experiences, and adventure.

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