What an exciting jam-packed 2 days!

Dozens of presenters specializing in areas that impact our community wellness. Lots of fantastic sessions from many of our Enviros partners. Thank you for your talents and insights. You help our communities grow and shift!

We enjoyed Dr. Reg Crowshoe talk about modern thinkers and the merging of today’s day and age with traditional ways. Dr. Crowshoe’s insights and inspiration were moving, enlightening and full of possibility and connection!

Marti Smith spoke to us about trauma and the brain science of healing. A powerful (and funny) speaker! We could have had you for more hours. We hope you enjoyed your trip to Canada Marti, you are welcome back anytime!

And Margo Talbot shared her real life story of addiction and mental health and healing. Margo, you embody hope. We were so privileged to have you come and speak to us; so real, so powerful!

To the brilliant minds at Mount Royal University who made it all happen! Your commitment, eagerness, and creativity are so very much appreciated!

It was a capstone, but for us, it was an experience; refreshing, determined and full of excitement. Thank you!

Also a big shout out to the Enviros staff that came together to help. So many last minute details that rolled together! It’s an honour to work with each of you every day!

To all the volunteers and supporters, thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you next year!