During the fall and winter of 1976 the first group of Enviros youth workers and volunteers, along with eight youth, ventured into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountain foothills. This outing was not merely a “recreational outing;” rather, it was an exercise in self-discipline and personal growth lasting eight months. While living in tents and attending school on-site, the youth persevered and succeeded in building the first Enviros wilderness facility. This success founded the legacy of experiential learning, which has become the Enviros trademark in child, youth, adult and family services.

Since 1976, Enviros has continued to offer innovative, family orientated programming to Alberta’s children, youth, adults and families. In 1980, Enviros became an incorporated non-profit agency and has grown to become one of the region’s most flexible and adaptive agencies.

Today, Enviros’ services have expanded to address a broad range of societal needs ranging from programs for young offenders, family support services, emergency foster care, and helping young adults become successfully independent. We believe that most people want to be successful, but repeated, chronic patterns of crisis in some people’s lives have left them with negative perceptions of the world and their place in it. By providing situations where they are supported, encouraged and challenged to participate in new learning, Enviros assists them in making lasting changes, which impact many aspects of their lives.

To a child, youth, adult or family who has experienced loss, chaos, disruption or failure, each new experience is a lesson in potential. Enviros opens minds as well as doors, promoting social responsibility through personal action, interaction and accountability.