Manager- Shunda Creek/Relief


I have always worked in the not for profit sector; I prefer the grassroots flavor, minimized bureaucracy and focus on an agency culture of support and community.

I began at Enviros in 2006 working first with 3 of our CFS funded residential programs.  In 2009 when Enviros was awarded the Young Adult Treatment contract I was excited to take on the challenge, once again, of developing a program from its beginnings.

As well, I was excited to work with a young adult population that allowed for the development of a program that would demonstrated the healing power of respectful relationship, co-learning, right use of power where there was a more egalitarian relationship between expert/client, staff/client, consistencies/rules and in effect a community shared by both client and staff that ensured that we were all learning and growing.

I was fortunate to have a returning Enviros staff member, Jeff Wilson, come on board as the program supervisor as well as a remarkable therapist Serena Rose and Will Black as our wilderness facilitator.  All four of us shared the same philosophical approach that personal growth and action occur in relationship.  We were the core team in the development of what has now become to be recognized in Canada and the United States as a “bleeding edge” adventure therapy addiction treatment program.