FASD Intervention Services, FASD Evolution, Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Diagnostic Centre (NDC) & High Fidelity Wraparound Manager

Sylvie is the Program Manager for FASD Intervention Services, FASD Evolution, the Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Diagnostic Centre (NDC) and the High Fidelity Wraparound programs. She has 27 years of experience leading and developing programs targeting vulnerable children, youth and adults with complex mental health and addiction issues; those who have experienced trauma, as well as young offenders. She is a strong believer in not only building capacity within her team, but also ensuring that all community members involved in these programs thrive and feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Prior to her arrival at Enviros, Sylvie was the Provincial Project Manager of an initiative that involved working collaboratively with over 30 organizations to develop and implement a provincial census-style survey with the purpose of collecting data to design programs that best benefit youth in schools and communities.

In addition, she also spent 15 years counselling students and creating programs for youth identified with severe behaviour and/or emotional trauma coupled with learning disabilities at the Surrey School District in British Columbia.

Sylvie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and holds a degree in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, learning about new cultures (she speaks 4 languages), indulging in ethnic cuisine, building community and spending time with her family.