Director of Services

I have been with Enviros for over 25 years, and I am passionate about the culture and vision that thrives here at Enviros. As the work we do is continually enhanced within our community, the ability to respond to divergent needs of our clients increases. This excites me, as we create space and time for people to heal and grow.

I am the mom of three young adult men – the joys of my life and the bane of my existence! My family has brought great love and joy to my life, and my work with Enviros has supported that. I love the outdoor world, and have gravitated to fishing over more strenuous endeavors as I’ve embraced aging. Along with my husband and two dogs, we are working our way through the lakes and rivers of southern Alberta.

Over the years my professional life and personal life have ebbed and flowed, though each has been strengthened by the support and energy of the other. I am dedicated to the work that Enviros does, and feel strongly that the shared journey we are all on strengthens every person who shares time in our community.