Enviros’ programs range from assisting individuals to helping families. Enviros facilitates 13 programs under the umbrellas of Addiction Services, Youth Justice, Group Care Programs, Community Programs, and FASD Programs.

Addictions Treatment

These programs strike a balance between addiction treatment, strengthening relationships, teaching outdoor education, and community experiences.

ExCel Discovery

An Open Custody treatment program for adolescent young offenders, with enhanced programming in the areas of addictions, education and mental health designed to offer a successful transition from secure custody to the community.

Group Care

Experiential-based, short-term group care programs that provide individual-specific opportunities to enhance healthy development.

Foster Care

We work with 27 foster homes in Calgary and Area. We have space for 63 children, from just days old, up to age 18, who are unable to remain in their own homes.

High Fidelity Wraparound

A multilayered process that brings together a natural support network for youth in the child welfare system, and helps them work towards their ideal future, and life goals.

Respite Care Connection

Fee-for-service respite for families caring for children and youth 6 to 17 years old with behavior and social challenges (such as: ADHD, FASD, Autism & ODD).

Youth Transition to Adulthood

We work with youth aged 15 to 24 year old to help them learn the necessary life skills for adulthood.

FASD Programs

These programs focus on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a group of medical conditions that can impact the brain and whole body.

There are many different programs at Enviros, and while they’re as varied as the clients they serve there is one common thread.

“All of our programs work with people, and we see people as being whole and as being competent and capable.” Carolyn Godfrey, Director of Services.

People are at the core of all twelve programs Enviros operates. Whether it’s helping a teen transition to adulthood by teaching them to pay bills and find an apartment, or giving parents the tools to communicate with troubled children, it’s important for everyone at Enviros to treat clients as human beings.

“We work with children, youth, families and young adults in a variety of capacities through the children’s services system as well as the justice system, and addictions and mental health,” adds Hazel Bergen, Chief Executive Officer. “We work with some of the more vulnerable people in the Calgary area, and we to that in a variety of different ways across a wide range of programs.” 

Enviros programs range from assisting individuals to helping families.