Enviros is very unique in the social services sector, in a few key areas;

Relationships: Our professionals have the expertise, experience, commitment and knowledge to know how to get meaningful results -building a unique level of respect, trust and understanding that is highly constructive to success. Clients are treated as individuals throughout their involvement with our programs, focusing on treatment plans that are intentionally designed for their specific situations.

Empowerment: People are more committed to making change when they help set goals and are part of the solution. At Enviros, we don’t tell people how to change; we show them how to create the change they desire.

Experiential Learning: Enviros uses a wide range of intentionally designed therapeutic activities to help clients uncover their goals and discover their own strengths and abilities. Enviros programs use activities that range from traditional adventure therapy (rock climbing and whitewater paddling) to more community based activities such as gardening, sporting activities and life skill development. Many of these experiential activities take place in nature, a place well known as an optimal treatment environment.