WHO IS ENVIROS? Enviros is a not for profit social service agency that creates individualized learning experiences in safe environments that help individuals and families move from needing help to contributing to society.

WHAT DOES ENVIROS DO? We offer a range of therapeutic programs to keep families safe and strong, help children, youth and adults with addiction, mental health or other challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Each Enviros experience is intentionally designed for an individual or family as the best vehicle for learning a particular skill, lesson or truth moving people from vulnerability to empowerment.

WHAT SETS ENVIROS APART? Enviros is intentional about where we are going when it comes to the services we provide our clients.  Individualized plans with our clients focus on three key areas:

Environment: Enviros uses a variety of environmental settings that support motivation and change. We apply this to all our work, whether it’s with climbing ropes in the playground, hiking or paddling in the wilderness or tending community gardens at group homes.

Relationships: Our professionals have the expertise, experience, commitment and knowledge to know how to get the right result -building a unique level of respect, trust and understanding that is highly constructive to success.

Empowerment: People are more committed to making change when they help set goals and are part of the solution. At Enviros, we don’t tell people how to change; we show them how to create the change they desire.

WHY IS ENVIROS SUCCESSFUL? Research shows contact with the outdoors and being part of respectful, safe environments reduces stress and anxiety, improves self-confidence and self-discipline, and builds a stronger sense of belonging—all of which are essential to personal growth and emotional healing.

WHY IS ENVIROS IMPORTANT? By getting people and families active, healthy and connected, Enviros helps people learn to advocate for themselves and find the tools they need to live independently & safe for the rest of their lives.

WHY SHOULD WE SUPPORT ENVIROS? Government funding provides for a fundamental level of care, but with support for Enviros from the private sector and community donors, we can expand our services to help our community thrive and grow even more.