OUR MISSION Enviros is a community committed to enhancing the quality of family life in Alberta.  We engage children, youth, adults and families in experientially based opportunities and community participation to learn and develop skills that foster resilience.

To actualize the mission, Enviros strives to:

           Ensure children, youth, adults and families are safe and healthy
           Assist children, youth, adults and families to build on their strengths and successes
           Enable children, youth, adults and families to become increasingly independent
           Continuously improve on outcomes

OUR VISION Enhance the lives of children, youth, adults and their families through excellence in evidence-based practice and the application of innovative experiential learning.

OUR CORE VALUES Enviros’ core values  are a  picture  of  what  others  can  expect  from  our  organization and that for which we  can  be  held accountable.  These values are incorporated into the communication tactics as required and guide organizational behaviours and decision-making.

Values include the following:

  • Relationships: Strong, healthy relationships supports safety, well-being and growth.
  • Belonging: Connection to people, community and purpose builds strength.
  • Growth: Learning and development contributes to positive experiences, goal attainment and successful outcomes.