These programs strike a balance between addiction treatment, strengthening the family, outdoor education, and community experiences.

Shunda Creek & Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp are addiction treatment programs first and foremost. The 12-week voluntary programs address substance abuse issues that require residential treatment and provide support in an isolated environment. The wilderness setting and outings allow our clients to focus and reflect in a more meaningful way than in the familiarity and comfort of their normal, day-to-day world. We incorporate wilderness therapy that includes a wide range of different outdoor activities that are designed to provide the individual with opportunities for personal insight and growth. Trips and outings are intentionally planned with the client and group goals in mind. We believe the client is here to develop a life practice that will support them in living clean and sober.

Shunda Creek

Offers young adult males (18-24 years old) an adventure therapy-based balance between addiction treatment, self discovery, personal growth, and community experiences.

Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp

Offers teens  (12 – 17 years old) an experientially based balance between individual and group addiction treatment, traditional school, outdoor education, and community experiences to support youth and their families in creating change.