• Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp provides a safe and structured environment with support for those healing from substance abuse and mental health issues that require residential treatment.
  • Offers an experientially-based balance between individual and group addiction treatment, traditional school, outdoor education, group learning and community experiences.
  • Offers wilderness and adventure therapy. The wide range of outdoor activities are intentionally designed with client and group goals in mind.
  • Families are a key component of the teens’ recovery and invited to participate in many parts of their treatment.

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Males & Females, Ages: 12 – 17 years

Funded / Accessed by: Alberta Health Services – Addiction & Mental Health

Academic program provided in partnership with: Alberta Learning and the Calgary Board of Education.

Wilderness-Based Addiction Treatment Program for Teens & Their Families

Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp is an intensive, adventure-based wilderness addiction treatment program for youth and their families. A safe and structured environment is created for individuals who seek to improve their lives through an experientially-based balance between addiction treatment, traditional school, outdoor education, and community experiences that support youth and families in creating change.

The 12-week voluntary program addresses substance abuse issues that require residential treatment and support in an isolated environment. Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp is a 10-bed wilderness based residential program provided in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and funded by AHS at no cost to clients. AHS staff are a vital part of the Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp team and work with clients both onsite and at their office at Youth Addictions Services, located in Calgary.

The program’s wilderness and adventure therapy include a wide range of different outdoor activities. They are intentionally planned with client and group needs in mind, and designed to provide people with experiences to build the skills they need in treatment and in life. The reason we utilize the wilderness is because it’s possible to focus and reflect in a much more meaningful way than in the familiarity and comfort of the normal, day to day world.

Treatment group happens daily. Group occurs not only on site at Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp, but also on wilderness trips, in the city at the Youth Addiction Services office in Calgary, and anywhere else deemed appropriate for the needs of the clients at that time. A variety of applicable topics are covered during a 12-week stay, and group is considered a critical part of treatment with mandatory participation.

Another part of client treatment is attending on-site school under the guidance of Calgary Board of Education teachers who provide one-on-one learning. The educational program is designed to meet students’ individual needs, and to get them re-focused on learning and potentially earn high school credits.

Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp is also about families who have a commitment to change. Perseverance, cooperation, leadership, self-reliance, and trust are the products of success. Overcoming fear, apathy and personal differences to achieve a common goal teaches individuals in this program respect for others. In the end, the family as a whole adopts a healthier state of being. Families are invited to participate in the teen’s recovery, through remote counselling sessions, phone calls, and weekend visits, which may include family therapy.

  • We see whole people
  • We believe in growth
  • We invite healing
  • We trust in community


We honor those who’ve been part of the agency and the stories of their time here.