For many of the children, youth and families we work with, the Holiday Season can be tough. Some are alone and isolated, the kids in care are separated from their familiar family traditions, parents and caregivers are stressed emotionally and financially. This year, all of these are compounded by unemployment, health issues and the underlying stress we all feel because of COVID-19.

That’s why we’re asking you to be an elf for one of our programs. It’s as easy as picking one of the programs below, clicking the red SUPPORT button underneath it, and making a donation. We’ll use the funds to purchase the specific needs of the individuals in that program so they can enjoy as festival a Holiday Season as possible.


Pick a program and click the red SUPPORT button underneath it to help make the Holiday Season happy and healthy for its clients and their families.

FASD Evolution

FASD Evolution helps adults who are diagnosed with FASD to learn strategies for daily living and to connect with supports and services in the community. Many of these clients only source of income are AISH or PDD, and many are alone for the holidays. Others are homeless. All are experiencing increased stress due to the isolation and other mental health issues related to COVID-19. And all will struggle to enjoy a special holiday meal.


Grocery gift cards for a Christmas dinner.

FASD Intervention

Enviros FASD Intervention works with the caregivers of children with FASD to provide them with the tools to support their kids based on individual strengths and abilities. Some caregivers are grandparents who often struggle with poverty, disabilities and more. For others, COVID-19 has added stresses such as unemployment and social isolation. Celebrating the holidays will be a luxury that not all of them can afford this year.


Grocery gift cards for a Christmas dinner for the whole family.

Gifts for kids to unwrap Christmas morning.

Respite Care Connection

RCC provides recreational programs for children with special needs so their parents can have downtime. Many of these families are dealing with combinations of low incomes and high costs of providing for kids with disabilities, as well as unemployment due to COVID-19. A turkey dinner or even being able to go out as a family to enjoy Holiday events that others take for granted can be out of reach.


Grocery gift cards for a Christmas dinner.

Gas cards to visit extended family.

Family passes for the zoo, Telus Spark, Heritage Park and Studio Bell.

Shunda Creek Wilderness Addiction Treatment Centre

Shunda Creek helps men aged 18 to 24 with addictions move towards recovery. The Holidays can be difficult for program alumni, with some also experiencing unemployment and social isolation due to COVID-19. They need elves to help them get home, have sober celebrations with fellow alumni and support current clients.


Bus tickets for alumni to visit family.

Grocery gift cards for sober alumni get togethers.

Gas cards for alumni to visit Shunda Creek to support current clients over the holidays.


The high-risk teens in our Summit program are in transition to more permanent living arrangements. For them, being able to celebrate the Holidays with a few extras can provide stability in what is otherwise a highly stressful and uncertain time.


Grocery money for a special Christmas Dinner at the program.

Money to buy gifts and stockings for the youth to open on Christmas morning.

Money for socks, underwear, slippers and pajamas for the youth.

ExCel Discovery

ExCel Discovery is an open custody program in which young offenders serve their sentence in a residential setting. The Holidays are a difficult, lonely time for these teens as they focus on what they need to do in order to make choices that will lead to a more promising future.


Grocery money for a special Christmas Dinner at the program.

Money to buy gifts and stockings for the youth to open on Christmas morning.

Money for socks, underwear, slippers and pajamas for the youth.

Triveri House

Our newest program, Triveri House provides apartments for 37 homeless young adults with addictions to call home. This will be their first Holiday season off the streets and they need your help to make it a memorable one.


Grocery gift cards for Christmas Dinner.

Gift cards to buy household items such as sheets, blankets, towels and pillows.

Gift cards for winter jackets, gloves and boots.

Gift cards for shirts, pants, sweaters, underwear and socks.


1:1 Respite Care

This program is a response to help low-income families access respite care during COVID-19. Many of the parents have lost their jobs or have health issues that prevent them from working during the pandemic. These five families need gift and grocery cards to have a merry Christmas this year.


A single dad on AISH supporting three sons.

A single mom on AISH supporting four children, three of whom have neurological disabilities.

Elderly grandparents raising three grandchildren, one of whom is austic. Grandpa is in a wheel chair.

A single mom who is unable to work since March because she’s immunocompromised.

Elderly grandparents raising two grandchildren with challenging behavioral needs. Grandpa has been in hospital since summer due to significant health issues.