Wilderness Base Camp Challenge Course

Challenge courses incorporate the best that experiential learning has to offer: they’re fun and they create opportunities for building self-confidence, teamwork, problem solving skills and more. Enviros’ Base Camp Challenge Course combines these benefits with our sector-leading expertise in experiential learning to provide impactful experiences for individuals and groups of all ages.
The Course

The Base Camp Challenge Course is like an obstacle course suspended 30-feet in the air from telephone poles, along with some low ropes components. The obstacles are made up of ropes, cables, tires and wood elements that present challenges for individuals or groups to “figure out” and get past. Completing the obstacles involves physical, emotional and mental commitment. This looks different for each person—depending on their individual strengths and what we like to call opportunities for improvement–whether they’re completing the entire course or a single obstacle. Similarly, a day focused on having fun may include different activities than a day of team building.

What to bring

You’ll be outdoors, so dress for the weather in clothing that allows a full range of motion, and footwear with good traction. The Base Camp site is also a no-smoking facility. This is partly due to the remote location of the site and the distance from emergency services.

Participants are required to wear safety equipment such as helmets and harnesses, similar to those used in rock climbing, to tie into safety lines and are supervised by certified guides at all times. This equipment is provided.


The group meets at the Bar C Ranch, which is about a 1.5-hour drive northwest of Calgary on the section of Highway 40 that’s accessed from Highway 1A west of Cochrane. From there, the group is shuttled to Base Camp in our 4-wheel drive vehicles. A typical day begins at the Bar C at 9 a.m. with participants leaving Base Camp at 4:30 p.m. and back at their vehicles around 5:15 p.m. Click here for a driving map.