The Family Visitation Program is a partnership with Calgary and Area Child and Family Services.  The program is based on a coaching model developed to support all involved.  The focus is to assist and help parents to identify and respond to what each child needs.

Currently, these services are provided to families in Calgary’s SW and SE areas with visits occurring predominantly in the community.

Family Visitation Facilitators:

  • Support family visits and ensure the well-being and safety of children in care.
  • Promote family reunification by actively engaging with parents during visits with their children.
  • Assist parents to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet their children’s day-to-day needs.
  • Provide children with safe, reliable transport to and from visits, schedule visits and make contingency arrangements
  • Engage and build relationships with and between families, Child and Family Services and other service providers
  • Develop and implement service plan goals with parents, enhance reflective capacity, support family along a continuum of services towards reunification
  • Integrate different roles i.e. facilitate, coach, model, mentor, advocate, support/supervise and resource
  • Build off of the knowledge and principals of High Fidelity Wraparound,
  • Utilize Appreciative Inquiry to support strength-based coaching for parents and incorporate Experiential Learning when appropriate.

Families with Children Ages 0 to 18 years
Funded / Accessed by: Region 3: Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority