About Us

About Us

Summit is a six-bedroom live-in group home that uses a harm reduction approach to enable adolescents to address their difficulties in a safe and supportive environment. Many teens in our program have ongoing addictions issues. Teens take part in household activities, community activities, therapy sessions, and developing healthy habits and important routines. Learn more here.

Funded / Accessed by: Region 3 Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority

What is group care?

Live-in group care homes provide a home-type setting for children and youth who cannot live with their own family homes for a variety of reasons, and may not be an appropriate match for kinship care, nor foster home settings. Children and youth who stay in these homes may stay for several weeks up to several months until a more permanent residence is available, they return to their original home setting, or transition into independent living.

Referral Process

Summit referrals are completed via Children and Family Services. Youth are …

  • Ages 13-17,
  • Have a history of trauma and neglect, struggle with addictions, are involved in the youth criminal justice system, and/or have behavioral issues,
  • Are presently unable to live in kinship care, nor foster care home settings.