Lisa Arsenault, Base Camp Manager

Lisa has been with Enviros since 2006. Most of her 11 year career with Enviros has been at the Base Camp Program. Between 2010 and 2012, Lisa was a facilitator for the High Fidelity Wraparound Program. She has since returned to Base Camp and is the current Program Manager.

Lisa has a deep understanding of what makes highly functional teams tick. Her specialty’s include Right Use of Power, guiding the development of organizational vision, mission and values, Non-Violent Communication and strengths-based, relational leadership skills. She has a profound ability to create and hold space for the important conversations your team needs to have.

It is common for those that work at the Base Camp program to say ‘No one leaves this place either as a client or staff unchanged’. Base Camp has deepened Lisa’s inspiration for people, community and ceremony.

Outside of her working life as a Manager; Lisa is a new Mom and entrepreneur with her husband. The every changing dynamics of life keep Lisa on her toes and challenge her to be present!