This episode we catch up with Dr. Lee Gillis, a psychologist, author and academic practitioner who specializes in experiential, wilderness and adventure based therapies. Dr. Gillis has been absolutely instrumental in forwarding the field of experiential therapy in North America and beyond. He’s the co-author of Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice, one of the most comprehensive texts that’s been published in the field.
Enviros is lucky enough to have connected with Lee a few years ago and he’s been heavily involved in the evaluation projects at both our Shunda Creek and Base Camp programs. Lee has a wealth of experience and some great advice for professionals and the field in general.
2:00 Lee on his seminal moments that put him on the path to psychology
8:00 Lee describes the evaluation projects he’s working on with Enviros
12:30 The usefulness of valid and reliable instruments to the clinician
14:00 The development of the Adventure Therapy Experience Scale
22:00 The myths and misconceptions of experiential learning and the importance of reflection on the experience
26:00 Lee on what we should stop doing in the addiction and mental health sector
31:00 Lee’s book recommendations. Gary Ferguson’s “Shouting at the Sky: Troubled Teens and the Promise of the Wild” , a powerful read that captures the good and the bad of wilderness youth work. “The Carry Home“, by the same author, about his journey to return his wife’s ashes to places they’d visited as a couple. Also, “The Defining Decade” by Meg Jay (and here’s a link to her TED talk)
36:00 Lee’s advice to young professionals.
40:00 Lee talks about what he’s currently up to in the research and evaluation field.
42:00 The importance of measuring what matters.