Dr. Miller is the founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence an international consortium of clinicians, researchers, and educators dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioural health services.
Dr. Miller conducts workshops and training in the United States and abroad, helping hundreds of agencies and organizations, both public and private, to achieve superior results.
His humorous and engaging presentation style and command of the research literature consistently inspires practitioners, administrators, and policy makers to make effective changes in service delivery. I remember attending one of his workshops almost 10 years ago now, and walking away from it extremely excited about the power of feedback informed treatment.
We cover a range of topics in this 40 minute conversation, including what drew him into the field in the first place and some of his best advice for practitioners and programs. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
2:00 Why Dr. Miller became a psychologist, and who’s single-handedly responsible for that journey.
6:45 What drove the development of the International Center for Clinical Excellence, the importance of careful thinking and the existential crisis of finding out that you aren’t effective.
11:30 How can we as practitioners improve our craft? Do “models” work?
12:45 Workshops don’t improve outcomes
14:00 Using outcome tools, particularly when clients are off track, and why all therapists should be getting feedback in their practice.
16:30 What separates the best therapists from the rest, and the importance of deliberate practice.
17:30 Where therapists can let it all hang out, the International Center for Clinical Excellence
18:40 Scott’s grand vision for where the field should go
21:30 Mental health is the second cousin in the health care field
22:00 The biggest challenges organizations face in implementing feedback informed treatment and the importance of a culture of feedback and a leveling of the heirarchy.
24:15 Top down management DOESN’T work, and “compliance isn’t the goal”.
26:00 The first steps in implementing feedback-informed treatment at your organization
30:00 Scott’s advice to young professionals
32:00 What Scott’s most excited about and working on right now.
34:00 We tend to trust the experts we agree with, and why he doesn’t read textbooks on psychotherapy
36:00 Check out www.scottdmiller.com and download the FIT tools.
I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Dr. Scott Miller, and for more information on feedback informed treatment and to enjoy some more of Dr. Miller’s thoughts, make sure you check out his website at www.scottdmiller.com.