This week we sat down to chat with Liam Law. Liam’sliam held a number of positions with our Base Camp program, first as a Youth and Family Support Worker, then as a Shift Supervisor, and more recently as the Outcomes and Evaluation Lead.

Liam shares his thoughts on youth work, the treatment journey for youth and the importance of routine outcome monitoring to the field.





2:50 A bit about the Base Camp program
4:00 Liam perspective on the treatment journey and the role of a youth worker
7:00 The core attributes that separate excellent youth workers from the rest
10:15 What drew Liam to Enviros and the helping profession
14:10: Liam talks about the Base Camp Evaluation Project
16:30 A bit more about the Youth Outcome Questionnaire
19:00 Amplifying client voice in the treatment process
23:20 What we should stop doing in addictions treatment
27:00 Disrupting what “success” looks like in addictions treatment
27:40 What we should do more of in the helping profession
30:00 Resources to check out on progress monitoring (Particularly the work of Scott Miller and feedback informed treatment and Lambert & Burlingame with the development of the Outcome Questionnaire family of instruments)
32:30 Liam talks about barriers to implementation of a routine outcome monitoring system