Today we caught up with Lisa Arsenault, program supervisor at Enviros Base Camp. Lisa has spent almost 10 years at Enviros in a range of roles at both Base Camp and with our Hifidelity Wraparound program. Lisa talks about a wide range of things related to supervising and guiding a remote, wilderness based addictions treatment program.

Make sure you check out the great resources at the end of the show notes!

Show Notes
3:00 What brought Lisa back to Base Camp after a few years away
4:15 The magic of witnessing change in people
6:30 It’s about the relationship and being human with your clients
7:00 A time Lisa saw all the pieces coming together for a young person
8:30 Lisa’s thoughts on how to let clients take ownership of their process
12:15 Lisa discusses what she believes is the most active ingredient in treatment
16:30 The role of ritual and ceremony in the Base Camp program and the impact of witnessing celebration
20:30 The importance of establishing distinct ceremonial space and consistencies around ceremonies
24:00 Lisa on parallel processes, shared journey’s and staff development
30:00 Lisa discusses hiring youth workers and what she looks for in excellent staff
32:00 The importance of self care
35:00 Lisa talks about the program and managing and embracing change within a program, and what the rwe did to accelerate change
41:00 Lisa describes Non Violent Communication and why it’s a powerful tool at camp
45:00 Lisa on addictions treatment and the range of issues that clients present with, along with her hopes for clients at the end of treatment.
50:30 What drives Lisa nuts about addiction treatment
52:00 Lisa’s go to resources;
Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg