This week on Turning Point we sit down with Margo Talbot.

Margo is a writer, speaker and climber based in Canmore Alberta. Her twin goals are to visit the remaining wilderness of the planet while sharing her story of healing and redemption.

As a keynote speaker, Margo has given presentations of her adventures in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

She is the author of All That Glitters, A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression.

Enjoy, and make sure you check out the show notes for links to interesting and useful resources.

Show Notes:
2:15 Margo’s message to the addiction and mental health field
3:45 What Margo didn’t find helpful in her journey
4:35 Margo’s turning points
5:45 What drug addiction is really about (hint: it’s not about getting high)
6:30 Meeting Karen McNeil, Margo’s climbing partner and best friend
7:00 What Karen, Elaine and ice climbing have in common
9:45 Margo’s deep beliefs about addiction and mental health
12:00 Margo’s “gestalt” approach to healing modalities
13:00 All That Glitters, Margo’s book on her healing journey
16:30 Margo’s advice to young professionals
18:20 How Margo cultivates presence in her own life
21:00 Holding space for your clients
23:15 We learn through our bodies
25:00 You’re helping people whether they stay off drugs or not
27:00 The hundredth monkey
28:50 The #1 thing Margo would change about the system
31:20 Drug addiction saved her life
32:45 Myths and misconceptions about mental health
36:30 Canaries in the coal mine
39:00 Planting seeds in the system

41:00 Margo’s favourite books and resources:

43:30 Self belief as the fast track to healing

If you want to hear more about Margo’s journey,  check out her TEDx talk below.