I want to begin by acknowledging that this communication did not come out in a timely way and recognize that this has caused a gap within our leadership to the organization. In not speaking up we have caused hurt by not taking a stand against racism. For this, I apologize and am making a commitment to create change.

The Black Lives Matter movement that started in the United States has also brought forward a demand for change within Canada and within Enviros. Our voices and interactions can make a difference on a national and provincial level; especially within the place where we work we can make some real concrete changes and commit to creating an inclusive space. Systemic racism exists throughout the world, and it is time for Enviros to also look at these issues and our practices. We need to examine practices that oppress both the people we are providing services to AND our staff members. As a management team we are committed to taking action on further educating ourselves as we know that we have lots to learn as we take steps forward. We are also committed to listening to what you as employees have to tell us about how to make things better. Through education, conversation, reflection and action, we are making this a priority to move forward as an organization. We acknowledge that we do not have the answers and that we will make mistakes along the way and we will continue to make changes until issues are addressed.

We also know that we cannot make these changes without your voices, knowledge and experience. To assist us in making the necessary changes we will begin by starting an Anti-Racism Action Group that will look at oppressive practices that exist for both employees and for the people we serve. The management team will provide support and leadership in moving this forward. In order for change to happen we all need to be invested in making this happen. With that said, the management team is making a commitment to looking at the practices within Enviros and supporting the Anti-Racism Action Group in the best way possible. We know we have work to do at all levels and are committed to ensuring this work happens. We hope to work with the action group to support our organization in making change happen.

Hazel Bergen
Chief Executive Officer