Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp to Cease Operations

Calgary, Alberta (December 11, 2019) – Enviros has been informed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) that funding for our partnership, Wilderness Treatment at Base Camp, will cease effective March 31, 2020. Services at Base Camp, which provides wilderness addiction treatment programming to youth aged 12 to 17 years of age at a site in the Ghost Wilderness, have been funded by AHS and delivered jointly by AHS and Enviros staff since 2005.

We are proud of the work that staff and clients have done at Base Camp. The wilderness adventure therapy and other best practices developed at Base Camp can be found across Enviros in the form of broader experiential learning that infuses all our programs, direct wilderness programming that takes urban-based clients on a wide variety of outdoor trips and activities, and methods and tools to measure client progress and then use that data to improve individual client outcomes.

Enviros got its start in 1976, when a group of social workers and youth began wilderness programming at the site. The program has met community needs in a variety of ways, including a young offender program and most recently home to youth addiction treatment.

Wilderness adventure programming is as relevant today as it was in 1976, and we are confident the site will again evolve to provide innovative programming that meets the needs of Albertans. We firmly believe in the healing power of natural environments and the connection to the land. The combination of these elements with skilled practitioners who are committed to climbing both literal and figurative mountains creates opportunities for growth and change.

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Ken Schmaltz
Manager of Marketing, Communications and Fund Development
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