The FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDER EVOLUTION PROGRAM offers support to adults living with a diagnosis of FASD. This support may include accessing income support, housing, employment and medical care. Support is also given in helping the person who has been recently diagnosed with understanding their strengths and challenges in an effort to develop and enhance strategies for them.

Evolution staff work toward providing assistance with budgeting and time management, encouraging community involvement, and developing/maintaining positive relationships in the diagnosed individual’s life.

Enviros FASD Evolution Program fills one of the gaps in services for individuals living with FASD, and collaborates with other service providers and agencies (including employment/housing agencies) in the community who work with other agencies and government departments providing services to this client group.

Males and Females
Ages:  18+ years
Accessed by individuals requiring support with FASD
Funded by:  FASD Initiative through the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN) and Alberta Government Cross Ministry Committee