Enviros’ FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDER (FASD) INTERVENTION SERVICES provides support for children, youth and families dealing with FASD. It is recognized that FASD is a medical diagnosis with variances in overall functioning abilities. The energy required to care for an affected child is extraordinary and needs to be recognized.

Enviros offers assistance to foster, adoptive, kinship and biological parents by providing them with the information and tools required to effectively parent a child or youth with FASD. This program provides innovative support to these families to decrease the chance of placement breakdown and assists parents in recognizing the strengths and abilities of the youth or child.

The program also helps caregivers develop daily living plans based on recommendations in the FASD medical assessment. Focus is placed on the strengths of the child to promote a good understanding of what environmental changes need to take place for the child to be successful.

Creating a network of support for the individual and families is paramount and includes: school/vocational support, community involvement, and all other relevant support for the individual.

Biological foster, adoptive & kinship care parents of children (0 to 18 years) with an FASD diagnosis
Funded / Accessed by: Region 3:Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority, Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network and Alberta Government Cross Ministries