Enviros’ Respite Care Connection offers fee-for-service respite for families caring for children with challenging behaviours to allow them to remain with their families and in their communities. Families are provided with a break from the challenges of parenting while children participate in community-based activities.

The community-based aspect of the Respite Care Connection focuses on small group outings for children who would often have difficulty in these settings. Caregivers and children choose from a variety of activities in the community which fit the child’s interests and abilities. With adequate supervision and training, staff members are able to provide a positive outing for the children and offer parents/caregivers a break from parenting.

Programming has been developed for different ages to recognize the developmental needs of individuals within various age groups. This program has been successful for many children and youth who have struggled in community settings.

Click the links below to learn about a few of our Daycamp & Respite programs:

Weekend Warriors


Males & Females
Ages: 6 to 17 years
Accessed by: self, community or Calgary and Area Child and Family Service referral
Funded by: Region 3 Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority