ExCel Discovery

About Us

The ExCel Discovery is one of two Open Custody programs in the province of Alberta. It helps the youth to successfully return to the community and avoid further conflict with the law by providing a safe and supportive environment for youth to learn re-integration skills, establish healthy adult and peer relationships, and successfully transition back into the community. Learn more here.

Funded by: Alberta Solicitor General Department and Public Security Accessed by: Calgary and Edmonton Young Offender Centres

What is Open Custody?

Open custody programs are smaller residences located in the community where young offenders who have been sentenced by a judge to complete a portion of their sentence in a custody facility for youth and live under supervision. Participants are to remain with staff, unless they have prior approval to leave the residence. Programming focuses on providing support toward re-integration.

Referral Process

Youth must be between the ages of 13-17. Referrals follow these steps…

  • Youth are first sentenced by a judge to serving an Open Custody Sentence, and are referred to the program from one of two Young Offender’s Centres in Alberta,
  • Youth are interviewed by ExCel Discovery to assess their suitability for the program, current stage of change and level of insight, and have accepted responsibility regarding their charges,
  • If youth is a fit, they are transferred to one of the group home’s eight (8) Open Custody beds to begin their reintegration into the community.