• Designed to help the youth make a successful transition from being in secure custody, to resuming life in their community.
  • The youth attend several hours of class a day as part of the re-integration process.
  • Staff are in the program 24 hours a day to assist in guidance with any concerns, work with the youth to reestablish healthy adult and peer relationships, and to build trust.

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Accessed by: Calgary and Edmonton Young Offender Centre referral

Funded by: the Alberta Solicitor General Department and Public Security




Referred from one of two Young Offender’s Centres in Alberta.

Teens are interviewed to assess their suitability for the program.


The things that make ExCEL Discovery so great are the simple things. The companionship, the experiences, the laughter and the love.

The ExCel Discovery is one of two Open Custody programs in the province of Alberta and has eight (8) Open Custody and two (2) Respite beds. The program is designed to meet the needs of adolescent young offenders who have been sentenced to complete a portion of their custodial time in the community.

ExCel Discovery is the only Open Custody program for female young offenders in the province of Alberta.

ExCel Discovery offers an integrated treatment setting with enhanced programming in the areas of addictions, education, mental health and reintegration. The overall goal of the program is to support young offenders in successfully transitioning from being in secure custody, to life in the community.

Potential ExCel Discovery youth are first sentenced to serving an Open Custody Sentence, and then referred to the program from one of two Young Offender’s Centres in Alberta. The youth are then interviewed by ExCel Discovery staff to assess their suitability for the program, current stage of change and level of insight, and accepted responsibility regarding their charges. If the youth are a fit, they are transferred to one of the group home’s eight (8) Open Custody beds to begin their reintegration into the community.
ExCel Discovery youth attend school on-site every day as part of re-establishing a routine, take part in counselling sessions specific to their needs, and have personalized, client-centered case plans to support them in achieving their short and long term goals.

The ExCel Discovery Staff team also aims to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that fosters positive growth. This specialized reintegration program enables youth to effectively transition back into the community. The intention is to offer support by giving youth the opportunity to develop resilience , develop life skills, and an overall awareness and connection to community supports and resources.

The development of life skills is paramount for our Clients at ExCel Discovery. Clients will take part in school, cooking, shopping, and chores in the home while also participating in extracurricular activities such wilderness outings, lessons, and outdoor time. These activities are all part of life at the ExCEL group home and are integral to the program.

ExCel Discovery provides multiple in house programming with the support of the following community partners:

  • Calgary Board of Education (CBE): ExCel Discovery has a CBE teacher on site to provide High School Programming and support youth with transitioning to an educational or vocational program in the community as part of their reintegration.
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS): An AHS Mobile Addictions worker is on site once per week to provide group sessions, one-to-one sessions, and consultation support to ExCel Discovery Staff.
  • Forensic Adolescent Program (FAP): A FAP Social Worker is on site once per week to provide one to-one sessions and consultation support to ExCel Discovery Staff.


We honor those who’ve been part of the agency and the stories of their time here.