A sense of security and understanding
can be found in building strong connections.
Stronger social support systems
can help people feel safe.

Connecting growth and stability.

Connects - Group Care

Connects referrals are completed via Children and Family Services. Children are:

  • Ages 6-12,
  • Are unable to live in their original home settings,
  • Are presently unable to live in kinship care, nor foster care home settings.

Funded/Accessed by: Children’s Services 

Enviros Connects group Care is an intensive residential treatment program for children aged 6-12 who are referred to the program by Children’s Services.

Children accepted into the Connects program live together in a residential home in a Calgary community. The space is designed to feel like a traditional home with a yard and individual bedrooms that children can decorate. There’s also access to parks and recreation opportunities and 24/7 staff. As well, children assist with chores appropriate to their age and daily routines and structure are established.

Children take part in supervised outings such as bike rides and nature hikes, hobbies, sports, and other leisure activities. As well, there is a sensory room in the home and an on-site therapist that provides a variety of therapies, including play therapy. This is a unique aspect of the Connects program which allows the therapist to observe the child in the home-type setting; so that a true snapshot of the child’s life can be captured, evaluated and therapy can be adjusted day-by-day.

The treatment team is dedicated to strengthening the child’s positive behaviour, the caregivers relations and decreasing family conflict (if involved) with the goal of integrating the child back to their home or into a meaningful long term placement. Children placed at Connects develop improved coping mechanisms, self-awareness and increased emotional vocabulary and stronger relationship building skills.

Program Highlights

Connects is a short-term program in a non-invasive environment that strives to create safe relationships
with adults and positive role models for traumatized

children. Up to four children may live at the Connects
home and approximately two to four staff members may be on duty at any one time, creating a high ratio of staff to children

All Connects staff are trained in Indigenous
teachings and diversity training. Connects commits

to meeting the needs of children by listening to

their stories and working to connect each youth

with their own community, traditions, teachings and

family. Connection to family and culture are critical

components for children.

Birthdays are very special at Connects. There is much
organizing and planning that go into each client’s

birthday so that it’s unique for them and as positive

an experience as possible.

What is Group Care

Live-in group care homes provide a home-type setting for children and youth who cannot live with their own family homes for a variety of reasons, and may not be an appropriate match for kinship care, nor foster home settings.

Children and youth who stay in these homes may stay for several weeks up to several months until a more permanent residence is available, they return to their original home setting, or transition into independent living.

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