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Our People

Enviros staff help make our social service programs in and around Calgary a reality. From those who we serve in our social services programs to the staff who deliver our programs, people are our focus. Looking to join our team? Visit our Careers section.

Hazel Bergen

Chief Executive Officer

Hazel has been part of Enviros family for the past 20 years and in a leadership role for 15 years. She was recently named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on September 15, 2016. Prior to joining Enviros, Hazel was a part of the development of Mahmawi-atoskiwin, serving as Program Director, which is a collaborative practice with Enviros, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Pathways Community Services, and Calgary Child and Family Services Aboriginal Services. Ms. Bergen holds a Masters of Arts (Leadership) degree from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary.

I believe by being open to possibility and striving to do things better, our unique programming enables us to incorporate our shared passion to help vulnerable kids and families.

Carolyn Godfrey

Director of Services

I have been with Enviros for over 25 years, and I am passionate about the culture and vision that thrives here at Enviros. As the work we do is continually enhanced within our community, the ability to respond to divergent needs of our clients increases. This excites me, as we create space and time for people to heal and grow. I am the mom of three young adult men – the joys of my life and the bane of my existence! My family has brought great love and joy to my life, and my work with Enviros has supported that. I love the outdoor world, and have gravitated to fishing over more strenuous endeavors as I’ve embraced aging. Along with my husband and two dogs, we are working our way through the lakes and rivers of southern Alberta. Over the years my professional life and personal life have ebbed and flowed, though each has been strengthened by the support and energy of the other. I am dedicated to the work that Enviros does, and feel strongly that the shared journey we are all on strengthens every person who shares time in our community.

I feel strongly that the shared journey we are all on strengthens every person who shares time in our community.”

Candace Windisch

Director of Services

I’ve been with Enviros for over 15 years and currently act as Director of Services. My background is in Criminology and I have found my passion exploring what can happen when people come together, help each other learn, connect and grow and create opportunities for change. I spent the early part of my career working with young people struggling with trauma and people involved in the justice system. I have spent 15 years working with and supporting people living with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). I’m an avid reader, love to travel and be in the outdoors, and spend time with family and friends. I believe that when we support each other to understand the needs of our communities, and use that knowledge to create change- we can achieve anything. I’m privileged to be able to work with people who support environments where growth can happen and a sense of connection and belonging exist. I am passionate about working where innovation is paired with curiosity, empowerment and persistence; where intentional, informed, and strengths based practice encourages resilience, and self-efficacy- all reflected in our achievements. We can have a more accepting, inclusive environment that encourages people to move toward their vision for themselves and their families, ultimately creating a healthy environment for all.

I feel strongly that the shared journey we are all on strengthens every person who shares time in our community.”


Financial Controller

I believe that if everyone does their part, no matter how little, has an open mind and is respectful of our world, then it will always be a wonderful planet to live on.

I believe by being open to possibility and striving to do things better, our unique programming enables us to incorporate our shared passion to help vulnerable kids and families.

Carlie Burnett

Foster Care, Respite Care, & YTA Manager

I have been with Enviros since 1998 and currently serve as Manager of Foster Care, Respite Care and YTA. During my time at Enviros, I have held a number of roles including Group Home Program Supervisor, Community Support In-Home Support Worker, Supervisor of Community Programs and FASD Intervention Specialist. Providing innovative programming to support children and families in a variety of capacities has been truly rewarding. I am the mom of two wonderful girls, as well as a very energetic yellow lab who like to keep me on my toes. Our family enjoys spending weekends camping in the summer months, snowmobiling in the winter months and running to numerous dance competitions in between. I am very fortunate to be part of Enviros and am very passionate about the vision and work we provide to strengthen children, youth and families in our community.

I am passionate about the work we provide to strengthen children, youth and families in our community

Sylvie Horan

FASD Intervention, FASD Evolution, Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Diagnostic Centre Manager

Sylvie is the Program Manager for FASD Intervention Services, FASD Evolution, the Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Diagnostic Centre (NDC) and the High Fidelity Wraparound programs. She has 27 years of experience leading and developing programs targeting vulnerable children, youth and adults with complex mental health and addiction issues; those who have experienced trauma, as well as young offenders. She is a strong believer in not only building capacity within her team, but also ensuring that all community members involved in these programs thrive and feel a sense of connection and belonging. Prior to her arrival at Enviros, Sylvie was the Provincial Project Manager of an initiative that involved working collaboratively with over 30 organizations to develop and implement a provincial census-style survey with the purpose of collecting data to design programs that best benefit youth in schools and communities. In addition, she also spent 15 years counselling students and creating programs for youth identified with severe behaviour and/or emotional trauma coupled with learning disabilities at the Surrey School District in British Columbia. Sylvie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and holds a degree in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, learning about new cultures (she speaks 4 languages), indulging in ethnic cuisine, building community and spending time with her family.

I am a strong believer in not only building capacity within her team, but also ensuring that youth involved in these programs thrive.

Malvina Iron

Circle Keeper

As Circle Keeper, Malvina works with the entire organization to ensure the Indigenous people we serve are connected to their culture. Malvina has been an educator for over 30 years, teaching kindergarten to grade 12, as well as teachers and adult learners in First Nations’ communities. She is passionate about working with children, adults, and teammates. Malvina has an M.ED, is currently working on Language Revitalization and is on the lifelong learning path. She is certified in various areas of teaching, literacy and leadership.

I believe in the health and wellbeing of all families, youth, children, and colleagues. I am honoured to be working with Enviros!

Mike MacKay

Connects & Passages Manager

Mike is the Program Manager for the residential Connects and Passages programs. He has 37 years of experience working in the charitable sector serving children, youth and families. The first nine years of his career involved front line work in youth community and residential treatment-based care settings similar to those he now manages. A graduate of the Leisure Education and Community Recreation program at Mount Royal, Mike most recently served as Director of Programs, then Director of Operations – Camp Kindle, with the Kids Cancer Care Foundation. “I’ve had the honour of working alongside many great mentors through the years,” Mike says. “They have taught me that there is no such thing as a bad kid, and to always seek the story beneath the behavior.” When not at work, Mike enjoys the peace and quiet on his acreage, along with travel, especially to areas not usually seen as tourist destinations

I aim to develop relationships with those we serve and share experiences that support building new skills and challenging oneself through personal accomplishments

Bev Oldham

Shunda Creek & Relief Team Manager

I have always worked in the not for profit sector; I prefer the grassroots flavor, minimized bureaucracy and focus on an agency culture of support and community. I began at Enviros in 2006 working first with 3 of our CFS funded residential programs. In 2009 when Enviros was awarded the Young Adult Treatment contract I was excited to take on the challenge, once again, of developing a program from its beginnings. As well, I was excited to work with a young adult population that allowed for the development of a program that would demonstrated the healing power of respectful relationship, co-learning, right use of power where there was a more egalitarian relationship between expert/client, staff/client, consistencies/rules and in effect a community shared by both client and staff that ensured that we were all learning and growing. I was fortunate to have a returning Enviros staff member, Jeff Wilson, come on board as the program supervisor as well as a remarkable therapist Serena Rose and Will Black as our wilderness facilitator. All four of us shared the same philosophical approach that personal growth and action occur in relationship. We were the core team in the development of what has now become to be recognized in Canada and the United States as a “bleeding edge” adventure therapy addiction treatment program.

I prefer the grassroots flavor, minimized bureaucracy and focus on an agency culture of support and community.

Tyler Wilson

Triveri House Manager

Tyler Wilson has come to Enviros following 5+ years working within Calgary’s homelessness system of care. Tyler has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology which has laid the foreground to pursue a career in the human services sector. Tyler has also travelled the world as a musician writing and producing albums, and collaborating with different musicians and groups from Europe, America, and Japan.

Every day is a new opportunity to better ourselves and the work we do. Our greatest strength is our community and the passionate people who work within it.

Enviros Board of Directors

Lisa Olsen, President

Vice President of Human Resources, ARC Resources Ltd.

Lisa Olsen serves as President of the Enviros Board of Directors, and has been a member of the board since February 2015. Lisa is Vice President, Human Resources of ARC Resources, and oversees ARC’s human resources, internal communications, office services and records information management functions. She has over 18 years of experience in Human Resources. Lisa joined ARC in 2008.

Louise Crane, Director

L Crane Consulting

Louise Crane joined the Enviros Board of Directors in 2020. Louse is a proud Metis of Cree heritage who uses the teachings of her Elders in her teaching style. After working in nursing and as a medical office assistant, Louise returned to school to study anthropology/history and graduated from the University of Calgary in Heritage Resource Management. Following graduation, she managed heritage sites in northern Alberta before returning to Calgary where she “fell” into support work with organizations such as the Alex, Northeast Community Resource Centers and Mamahawi–Atoskiwin. She has also taught courses in the Bay River College Family Support Worker Certificate program. In addition to the Enviros board, Louise sits on the City of Calgary Transit Board. Her former board work has included various University of Calgary health initiatives in Siksika and Awo Taan Native Women’s Shelter.

Mark Greenwood

Actuary Mercer Canada

Mark Greenwood joined the Board of Directors in June 2019. Mark is an actuary with Mercer Canada. He has over 30 years of experience advising companies and trustees on the design, financial management and administration of their pension plans. He joined Mercer in 1985, transferring from London, England to Calgary in 2000. Mark has been an active member of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary, a longtime supporter of Enviros since 2001.

Dr. Trevor Josephson, Director

Psychologist, Josephson Psychological Services Ltd.

Dr. Trevor Josephson has been an Enviros Board Member serving as a Director since 2008. Trevor is the founder of Josephson Psychological Services Ltd. and provides psychological services to children, teens, and adults. Services include individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Prior to founding Josephson Psychological Services Ltd., Trevor was a Psychologist at William Roper Hull Child & Family Services for three years. Trevor holds a PhD in Education Psychology from the University of Calgary, a Master of Arts Degree from the University of West Georgia in Humanistic Psychology and a BA in Sociology / Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Josh Malat, Director

Chief Finance Officer, Athennian

Josh Malate has been on the Board of Directors for Enviros since 2017 and serves on the Audit & Finance Committee. Josh is an entrepreneur by passion and has started or joined numerous companies in phases of high growth and innovation. As part of his work, Josh founded Fresh Angles Inc., a business advisory firm that focuses on the needs of small organizations.

Francesca Simon, Board Secretary

Wellness Services Administrator, Mount Royal University

Francesca Simon has been an Enviros Board Member serving as a Director since April 2015. Francesca is a Wellness Services Administrator at Mount Royal University, a position she has held since 2006. Prior to joining Mount Royal University, Francesca was a Risk Consultant at Innovative Risk Consulting and a Community Liaison with Ghost River Rediscovery. Ms. Simon has a Master of Arts (M.A.), Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s degree, Health and Physical Education/Fitness from McGill University. She also has a Certificate – Canadian Risk Management, Human Capital Risk Analysis & Management from Simon Fraser University.

Allie Laurent

Lawyer, McLennan Ross

Known for being a strong advocate, creative and personable, Allie offers pragmatic advice about a wide range of employment issues. She has built her reputation on making every effort to honour the relationships she has established, and the trust clients have placed in her. Allie maintains a labour and employment practice advising and acting for employers in a variety of industries. She is particularly knowledgeable regarding terminations and wrongful dismissal claims, privacy matters, illness and disability management, policy development and enforcement. Allie also assists clients with human rights matters, and has appeared and participated in conciliations, Tribunal Dispute Resolutions and before the Human Rights Tribunal. Though she has a strong track record of reaching fair settlements without incurring excessive legal costs, Allie is a tenacious litigator when need be. Persuasive in the courtroom, Allie provides clear arguments grounded in sound legal theory that reflect her clients’ position and their specific objectives. She has appeared before the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, and the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal. She has also assisted clients with responding to administrative proceedings under the Canada Labour Code, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, Employment Standards, and Employment and Social Development Canada. Allie understands the legal and business issues involved in safeguarding clients’ interests and works to minimize risk by identifying issues early on and crafting thoughtful solutions to employment concerns. She works closely with her clients to determine the best options for their unique circumstances, and she explains legal proceedings in an easy-to-understand manner. She takes the time to assure and support her clients and their decisions throughout the process. Allie is an active community member, regularly volunteering her legal services at the Women's Centre of Calgary and Calgary Legal Guidance. She has also recently joined the Board of Directors of Enviros Wilderness School Association.

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