When the going gets tough,
we keep going.
Learning and development contribute
to positive experiences, goal attainment,
successful outcomes.

Trauma-informed. People-centred. Relationship-based.

Social Services

We provide a range of social services to help children, youth and families move towards stability and independence:

·         Self-Referral—These are programs that you can apply for admission to for yourself as long as you meet the criteria of the individual programs. Your caregiver or a professional, such as a counsellor or physician, can also apply for you.

·         Government or Agency Referral RequiredThese are programs run on behalf of the Government of Alberta or other organization for which you or your child/youth must already be in the care, of or working with, a government or other agency. These are not open to the general public.

Self Referral Programs

No referral from a professional or other agency is required. These services are available to anyone who needs them and meets the programs’ requirements.

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Your Privacy

We take the privacy our clients extremely seriously. Every effort is made ensure that personal and private information is kept in the strictest confidence. For more information please read our privacy policy here.

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