We're working hard with fundraising efforts
Your acts of kindness
can make a connection to people,
community and can build strength.

Fundraise for Us

There are many ways to help fundraise for Enviros. Your help is always welcome as we continue to provide our valuable and meaningful services.

Looking to help Fundraise for Enviros? Here are someways you can help

Charitable gifts are a great way to celebrate your birthday and give back to the community!

Donate Today!

Skip The Depot will pay you and pick up your bottles and even donate proceeds to Enviros!

Join Skip the Depot Here!

We’d love hear to about any fundraising ideas you may have! Read a great story of a couple who did just that here.

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Cash for Cars

Enviros was lucky to have the Dalhousie Show and Shine donate proceeds from one of their events as an unique way to help raise for Enviros. Do you have a unique fundraising idea? Let’s connect!

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