Social service agency serving Alberta's most vulnerable since 1976.

We help children, youth and families move from vulnerability to stability and independence.

Enviros provides a broad range of trauma-informed social services in Calgary and area, working with:

  • children and teens who require intensive short- and long-term live-in environments
  • young adults in need of addiction treatment
  • young adults who are transitioning out of “the system”
  • people of all ages who require FASD assessment and diagnosis
  • people of all ages diagnosed with FASD families and caregivers of those using our services
  • young adults experiencing homelessness
  • children, youth and their caregivers who require respite care
Enviros Social Serrvices Calgary Venn

Social Service Programs In Calgary and Area

The Enviros Why?:
The power of human relationships invites belonging and inspires growth.

Total Clients Served
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Family Members, Contacts & Professional Supports
Children and Youth Supported in a Family Setting

Enviros is an accredited organization who adheres to the standards that are set by the Canadian Accreditation Council. 

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