Director of Services – Full Time

ENVIROS – Who We Are:

Enviros is an innovative social services agency that provides critical, individualized programs to children, youth, adults and families in vulnerable situations to meet their desired outcomes and wellness.
Enviros helps our clients make strength-based changes to move to independence within a healthy community.
Enviros focuses programs on the unique needs of individual clients practicing experiential learning to provide opportunities for personal discovery and growth.
Enviros focus is on building relationships and is the foundation of the work we do. This enables clients to develop skills, healthy trust, and independence.
Since our founding in 1976, Enviros has been an early adopter of new evidence-based best practices and has developed and informed other leading practices.

Why People Choose Enviros

Simply stated, our vision is: “The Power of Human Relationships Invites Belonging and Inspires Growth”.

The Position – Director of Services

The Director of Services provides direction and oversight for all Live-In Programs so that outstanding client services are consistently delivered. This position does this by effectively overseeing the people and systems for all client services in the Connect, ExCel Discovery, Summit, Passages, Shunda Creek and Triveri House programs. This position has overall responsibility for fulfilling client contract obligations and funding requirements service monitoring, evaluation, service delivery coordination and intervention, operational practices, community liaison, and the Program Services budget.

The director ensures that Program Managers are equipped and empowered to lead their respective programs successfully by creating a culture of high performance. This is achieved through ongoing coaching, mentoring, and leading by example so that Managers and team leaders have the confidence to make decisions and in turn bring out the best in their staff. This position also champions the growth and development of all Program Services staff for better retention and to build organizational capacity for succession planning.

The position directs client care processes and is involved in resolving the most serious grievances, disciplinary issues, and liability concerns with stakeholders. As a key member of Enviros’ Senior Leadership Team, this position leads the planning and implementation of Program Services’ goals and provides input into organizational initiatives and strategi direction. The Director provides oversight in the implementation of Enviros policies and procedures, health and safety protocols, legislative protocols; strives to always meet accreditation standards; and ensure that all Program Services staff do the same.


This section provides the key outcomes the position is accountable for and the activities that are required to achieve those outcomes.

1.   Direct the operational requirements for Program Services

  • Oversee the total budget for Program Services and liaise with the CEO, program managers and the Finance Department as necessary. This includes ensuring fiscal integrity, maximizing resource utilization, and providing financial forecasting and reporting as needed
  • Liaise regularly with the appropriate representatives of the various funding bodies to keep them apprised of areas of concern and successes
  • Liaise with the Controller and CEO for the funding proposal process
  • Work with the CEO and Director Operations to write proposals for grant funding opportunities
  • Oversee the effectiveness of systems and look for innovative ways to improve processes and procedures for all programs
  • Review and approve all contracts for services and sign all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of Program Services
  • Work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to increase community reach and engagement
  • Oversee and review all incident reports, provide input as needed, and ensure that the appropriate process is followed for both critical and non-critical incidents
  • Oversee the development and implementation of all organizational and program-specific health and safety protocols and ensure that any potential risks and liabilities are mitigated
  • Liaise with external stakeholders on serious client concerns that cannot be dealt with at a manager level and involves a formal grievance or serious issue that could lead to an HR disciplinary process
  • Ensure that the overall needs of clients are being met and that Enviros’ policies and procedures are being followed by all Program Services staff

2.  Effectively supervise managers in Program Services so they are empowered and equipped to successfully lead their respective programs and caseloads

  • Ensure supervisions and informal check-ins are done on a regular basis throughout the performance management cycle
  • Ensure annual performance goals are set, ongoing feedback is provided, and performance evaluations are done in a timely manner
  • Support managers in developing their leadership and management skills through ongoing coaching, mentoring, and supporting job-related formal and informal training
  • Empower managers to make decisions confidently based on the delegated authority given to that position level
  • Foster a culture of recognition and appreciation in managers, team leaders, and frontline staff
  • Follow, implement, and work with the Human Resources Department to ensure employment standards, human rights, and common law obligations are met

3.  Build organizational capacity

  • Champion the development, growth, engagement, and retention of Enviros’ workforce to successfully achieve the organization’s mission and to have a ready talent pool for succession planning purposes
  • Champion the development of leadership and management skills by promoting ongoing coaching and mentoring, and supporting job-related formal and informal training for all staff
  • Champion a culture of recognition and appreciation for all staff and lead by example
  • Develop mitigation strategies to address any serious potential risks and business continuity issues

4.  Provide strategic leadership for Program Services and Enviros

  • Provide strategic direction and input for Program Services and organizational initiatives
  • Anticipate and plan for the future needs of Enviros with innovative solutions by staying current on external and environmental factors that will impact the agency
  • Set strategic Program Services goals that are aligned with the overarching organization goal as part of the strategic planning process
  • Oversee Program Services projects effectively to achieve program goals within stipulated timelines and using appropriate resources
  • Attend and participate in board and committee meetings and ensure that Enviros is underpinned by good governance to achieve its mandate
  • Set the tone for the organization’s culture and build an environment of high performance, principle- based practices, and trust at all levels
  • Embody and promote Enviros’ core values to all staff and stakeholders
  • Set the standard for quality control including fiscal management and accountability, integrity, transparency, and strong leadership
  • Stay abreast of the pulse of the organization including what is occurring at the frontline by making connections with staff at all levels


Competencies are the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours an employee requires to be successful in their role at Enviros. They are generally aligned with the culture and core values of the organization.

  • Leadership: casts Enviros’ vision, mission, goals, values, principles, and plays a key role in setting the tone of the organization’s culture; champions the development of leadership capacity across the organization; and resourcefully sets Program Services’ priorities by providing guidance, direction, and support to stakeholders
  • Strategy: anticipates the future needs and overall direction of Program Services and Enviros as a whole; and implements innovative solutions to meet both short and long-term needs based on trends, political and economic factors, and other environmental threats and opportunities
  • Decision Making: uses high-level critical thinking skills with principle-based processing to make timely, informed decisions based on organizational and environmental factors; and takes into consideration the facts, goals, constraints, and risks including any liability issues from an organizational and sectoral perspective
  • Communication: able to communicate effectively to motivate and inspire people, influences the organizational culture, instills confidence and trust, negotiates effectively, and promotes Enviros to expand community reach and engagement
  • Adaptability: adapts to changing organizational needs, conditions, and work responsibilities; and ensures that effective messaging and processes are in place so that all programs are equipped to cultivate a work environment that can manage change well
  • Collaboration: fosters an inclusive and positive work environment for the organization’s diverse staff so that all departments and programs work together effectively; promotes cooperation and commitment to achieve goals
  • Learning: proactively identifies ways for self-improvement and leadership development, and fully supports the growth and development in all staff with culturally aware, strengths based and individualized planning


  • Undergraduate degree in Human Services field and/or Social Work; Master’s Degree in Social Work with registration in the provincial School of Social Work is preferred
  • 5+ years of senior non-profit leadership experience
  • Experience and strong skills leading live-in and community programs
  • Previous success in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations of influence including funders, partner agencies, and volunteers
  • Strong organizational skills including planning, delegating, program development, and task facilitation
  • Financial management knowledge and experience including budget preparation, analysis, decision making and reporting
  • Strong written and oral communication skills including experience with public speaking

How to Apply

Please submit your cover letter and resume to attention: Hazel Bergen. Quote job reference #2265. Competition for this posting closes on: when suitable candidate is found.

Enviros believes in the power of diversity, and we are dedicated to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. We ensure equal opportunity for all applicants and encourage people of all visible minorities, including Indigenous applicants, and those of any religion, sex, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression to apply.

 Additionally, Enviros is committed to having a workforce of skilled and diversified representation of the population we serve. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply, however in our commitment to the population we serve, preference will be given to candidates self-identifying as an Indigenous Person.

Enviros is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all candidates for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We regret that we are unable to accept telephone inquiries