Episode 19: Dr. Gary Burlingame and Sue Jenkins

Episode 19: Dr. Gary Burlingame and Sue Jenkins

This podcast we welcome Dr. Gary Burlingame (co-creator of the OQ Measures system) and Sue Jenkins, current CEO of OQ Measures. We talk about a range of things, from the development of the OQ Instruments, the importance of getting feedback on your treatment interventions, how to implement progress monitoring into...
Every story has a turning point.

Every story has a turning point.

Enviros provides intentionally designed, therapeutic programs that help children, youth, adults & families with mental health, addiction & other challenges, to develop skills & foster resilience that ultimately creates healthy communities.

Enviros had the privilege of having Clara Hughes spend the day with us and learn about our Base Camp program.

Watch the video capturing the day’s events here.

Shifting Perspective

A collaboration between Enviros and Mount Royal University, this unique conference will shift the way you understand, treat and heal addiction and mental health in your practice. Join us at the first Shifting Perspective conference April 24 & 25th, 2017 in Calgary, AB. From inspiring keynotes to hands-on and engaging workshops, innovative practice to leading research,... Continue Reading »

The Jumping Mouse Award

“The Wilderness Therapy Symposium brings a diverse cross-section of clinicians, field instructors, rites of passage guides, educational consultants, professors, research specialists, students and residential programs staff under one roof to share theories, insights and best practices in an open spirit” – OBH Council The Wilderness Therapy Symposium is the work of the Outdoor Behavioural Healthcare council.... Continue Reading »

Margo Talbot confirmed as one of the Shifting Perspective Keynote Speakers!

Margo Talbot is a writer, speaker, and climber based in Canmore, Alberta. Her twin goals are to visit the remaining wilderness of the planet while sharing her story of healing and redemption. We are thrilled to announce Margo Talbot, author of All That Glitters, A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression has been confirmed as... Continue Reading »

Why we do what we do: A message from a Shunda Creek alumni

Our world is fraught with addictions, mental illness, family conflict, abuse, neglect and a host of other challenging issues that result in communities and people struggling to be the best that they can be. Enviros believes that everyone has a story of resilience despite the challenges in their lives. Here is one example of why... Continue Reading »

Episode 18: Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson is the Program Supervisor at Shunda Creek, an addictions treatment program for young men. He’s been around the block a few times, starting his journey in the mid 1980s at our Base Camp program and honing his leadership practice ever since. He’s got some great perspectives on treatment and leadership, so grab a... Continue Reading »