The Shunda Creek program is a ten-bed, adventure-based wilderness treatment program located outside of Rocky Mountain House. This program addresses addiction-based issues that require residential treatment and support as determined by AHS – Addiction and Mental Health’s outpatient services.

The Shunda Creek program supports extensive family involvement and strikes a balance between addiction treatment, strengthening the family, employment support, academic upgrading (if required), outdoor education, and community experiences. The aim is to support young men and their families in creating lasting, positive change.

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INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR THE SHUNDA CREEK PROGRAM? All applications must apply through Alberta Health Services (AHS)- Addiction and Mental Health. Please contact your local AHS office to set up an appointment and request to fill out a YAT program application form.

Click here to find your local AHS office.

Ages: 18 to 24 years
Funded/Accessed by Alberta Health Services – Addiction and Mental Health